The Organized Home: Tips to Decluttering

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The first point of call in organizing your life is organizing your home. A well-arranged and neat home gives an impression of inner peace and serenity. Our homes are where we spend most of our time which is why it needs to be pleasant and comfortable. Due to a busy schedule or you just may not be able to organize your home this should not stop you from having a clean and well organized home. If we can set money aside for a movie or to shop, we can manage to set some aside to get help in having a clean and well-organized home.

De-cluttering is the key to clarity, and a life without clarity can be toxic. The tendency to pile up things are high, as we keep acquiring more items daily. Here are 5 tips to decluttering your home:

1. Make a List Make a list of the rooms and areas you want to clean in your house first. For example, closets, shelves, etc. Check one place off the list every day. Decluttering one place at a time will not make you feel like it’s a difficult task to do.

2. Trash, Give Away, Keep & Relocate Apply this simple rule. Make four boxes. Name each of them with trash, give away, keep and relocate. Pick up the items and throw them in suitable boxes.

3. 5 Minutes Challenge Challenge yourself to clear the chosen area within five minutes. If you are cleaning your living room, run a quick glance over the room and pick up all the things that you find unnecessary like too many magazines or useless decoration pieces that do not add up to the aesthetics of the room. Take out five minutes of your everyday schedule to throw away such things and see the difference in a month.

4. Wait For A Night Once you declutter an area of the house, sleep on it. Wait overnight. If there is an object you do not want to throw away and the next day you still have a strong desire to keep it, then keep it! This way, you will not rid anything important to you.

5. Hire Purposely Organized to help you get more organized!

A helping hand can always make things better. Purposely Organized can help you declutter or reorganize your home or business within no time with your minimum effort. Give us a call or submit a consultation form.

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